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The "closing" of the practice

On this page, texts by members of the Association are posted, regarding the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and yoga in general. The opinions expressed in the texts are personal, fall under the sole responsibility of their author and do not constitute an official position of the Association.

Closing a practice is a very important stage in our practice. Usually, when we have practiced a series of asanas (or pranayama), we end up lying on the floor in the position known as Savasana, the "dead man's" pose. In essence, in each practice we "die" and are "reborn" in a more subtle form since we have "cleansed" our physical and mental impurities.

The term yoga is something complex, including many different practices, but often by saying yoga we mean a practice of physical exercises (asanas). We could say that asanas are like a garment that we wash and iron, with pranayama and mudras, and wear at the end, with any spiritual practice or form of meditation.

The closing of a practice, usually done in the Savasana position, is a stage where we no longer need to do anything as a practice but instead take the position of the "dead" body and allow our mind to observe our body and breathing. Being used to constantly doing something, in this position we do nothing, we simply observe our body and mind learning great things about ourselves, studying our being. Various methods of practice and meditation can be applied in this state, such as yoga nidra (the yogi's sleep). Of course, there are so many schools and approaches that are similar or completely different in their method.

For every practitioner it is important and beneficial, since he has come to a more subtle form of existence through whatever practice he has applied, to close with the Savasana position before "exposing" him again to his daily life.

Starting a practice it is auspicious to thank every teacher and everything that has inspired, supported, helped and taught us, while at the end of it, having a clearer conscience, it is important to express our love for the environment, society and people. If we want to express it in words, we can recite, aloud or mentally, whatever words and thoughts we prefer, or even use the following closing mantra of the practice which is also relevant in nowadays.


May all be kind to mankind

May the leaders of the earth protect in every way, following the right path

May there be goodness to those who know that the earth is sacred

May everyone in the world be happy

OM peace, peace, peace

OΜ swasti prajabhyah paripalayantam /

nyayena margena mahim mahishah /

go brahmanebhyah shubhamastu nityam /

lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu //

OΜ shantih shantih shantih //

March 2024, Nektarios Mitritsakis

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